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home water delivery

The Benefits of Home Water Delivery

So let’s set the scene: You’re at a big box retailer and you’re filling your cart with 24-packs of bottled water. Dang, these are heavy aren’t they? It’s too bad the tap water started tasting funny a few years back. Is four 24-packs enough? Oh, wait, junior wanted his own 24-pack because it’s his turn…

Hydration For Adults

Healthy Hydration Tips for Older Adults

The fastest growing demographic in the United States is older adults. Not only are people living a lot longer than they used to, but they’re also staying independent and active longer than ever before. It’s a demographic that has unique health needs, and included in those is the need to stay hydrated. Staying hydrated isn’t…

Staying Hydrated

Staying Hydrated is Crucial in the Winter Months

Brrr! 2018 certainly arrived with some wickedly cold temperatures here in the Upper Midwest! We’re certainly hearty souls however, as temperatures dipping into the negative teens during the first week of January didn’t stop us from seeing outdoor hockey games, crowded jogging paths and slopes full of skiers. Winter activities and cold-weather exercise can be…