Custom Label
Bottled Water

Customize Bottles of Water
For Your Special Event Or


Create Your Own Bottled Water Label for Any Special Occassion or Event


Make a lasting impression at your next event with custom-labeled bottled water! From weddings and rehearsal dinners to anniversary parties and family reunions, a personalized bottle of water adds a unique and memorable touch to any special occasion. What’s the one thing you can never have too much of at any event? Water! Attach your personalized label to the water bottles at your next event to leave an impact with all of your guests.

Personalized single-serving water bottle sizes are perfect for schools, hotels, weddings, graduations, church events and more! Select from 10-ounce, 16.9-ounce (.5 liter), and 20-ounce or 1-liter bottles.

Custom Label Bottled Water

Custom Label Bottled Water is Available in Several Sizes

Personalized single-serve water bottles are perfect for schools, hotels, graduations, church events and more! Choose Spring or Reverse Osmosis water in 10-ounce, 16.9-ounce (.5 liter), 20-ounce and/or 1-liter bottles.

10oz Bottle

10 oz./24 pack

126 cases/pallet

bottled water for weddings

16.9 oz./24 pack

84 cases/pallet

custom label bottled water

20 oz./24 pack

66 cases/pallet

custom label bottled water

1 Liter/12 pack

70 cases/pallet

There is a minimum bottle quantity order of one pallet.
Our custom label bottles are proudly made at our Minneapolis, MN location.


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