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2Someone from our team will contact you within five business days to set up your first FREE order and explain the awesome, exclusive benefits of our Home & Office Delivery Service! (Subject to Credit Approval.)

3Upon delivery, you’ll receive a water cooler and three five-gallon bottles of water for one month – FREE.

4Near the end of your first month, we’ll follow up to confirm if you’d like to continue receiving water service & deliveries. No pressure. No obligations. Totally awesome.

5If you choose to continue with our water service, we’ll set you up with a delivery calendar and explain the easy ordering process. If you don’t want to continue, no worries – simply request a pick up and we’ll grab the equipment the next time we’re in your service area!


  • (See Our Brands page for more information. Some brands of water may have a limited service area.)
  • Eligibility: Must be 18 years of age or older and live within our Premium Waters Home & Office delivery area. Offer valid to new customers only.

    Offer: Fill out the form and you will receive three 5gal bottles of water and a water cooler for one month for your home or office. Entrants responsible for bottle deposits on any un-returned 5-gallon bottles-$6.00/bottle. Excludes current customers of Premium Waters, Inc.

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

* $6/bottle refundable bottle deposit required. Any unreturned bottles will be billed to your account.
* Any coolers not returned will be billed for the value of the cooler.
* Entrants responsible for any additional water purchased from Premium Waters, Inc.
* Offer valid for both homes and businesses.
*New customers only. Delivery address must be located within delivery area.

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