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A National Bottled Water Organization that Believes in Top-Tier Operation, Sustainability & Company Culture Standards


With a long history in the H2O industry, we are a multifaceted bottled water company that offers convenient home and office delivery services, quality private and custom label bottled water, and accompanying products such as water coolers and filtration systems with a clear mission that impacts everything we do.

Our Mission Statement

We will succeed as a high-quality, environmentally responsible, and low-cost bottled water supplier in the markets we serve by focusing on the customer and never wavering in our drive to deliver the finest, sustainably made products at good margins.

We will always strive to maintain a culture of trust, honesty, humility, integrity, and candor in our dealings with others and ourselves. We will strive to protect our people as our most valuable resource. And we will strive to deliver an excellent return to all of our stakeholders.

Our organization was incorporated in 1994 by the Chesterman Company, a pioneer in the U.S. bottling business. We’re proud to be a member of the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA), which helps us meet our promises of reliability, satisfaction, and quality. Our corporate offices are in Minneapolis, MN and Kansas City, MO. Through our growing network of bottling plants and distribution centers, we’re proud to serve customers throughout the United States.

Organic growth through fundamental distribution gains, as well as the emergence of the bottled water industry, promoted expansion. Acquisitions complemented natural growth and allowed us to scale the business. Geographic expansion followed acquisitions of plants, people, and new customers. As growth was occurring, investments were made in our plants, equipment, automation, and most importantly, in integration, as we made our own bottles and caps. Continual investments in technology to optimize our offerings and minimize our environmental impact have positively impacted our success.

A Historical Look at Our Company’s Expansion



Chesterman Co.
Unsweetened carbonated water is first bottled in Europe; the idea quickly spreads to the United States.


Chesterman Co.
Soda water is first bottled in the United States and sold as medicine (syrup was added for flavor).


Chesterman Co.
Cilo Chesterman lends his brother-in-law $400 to start a bottling company (more than a century later, Premium Waters, Inc. would be incorporated by the Chesterman Company, a pioneer in the U.S. bottling industry).


Chesterman Company re-enters the bottled water business by purchasing Kandiyohi Bottled Water Company, a distiller of purified bottled water, and adopts the name Premium Waters, Inc. This was the first step toward creating one of the largest bottled water companies in the nation.


Premium Waters, Inc. (PWI)
PWI purchases Chippewa Springs Water® located in Chippewa Falls, WI. The purchase included 200 acres of natural woodlands that protects the Chippewa Springs, which was discovered in 1700.


Premium Waters, Inc.
PWI acquires Artesian Water (Racine, WI), Nature’s Purest (New Berlin, WI), and Lindsay Water Company (Madison, WI).


Premium Waters, Inc.
PWI purchases All Star Bottling (Kansas City, KS).


Premium Waters, Inc.
PWI purchases Mirage Distribution (Neenah, WI).


Premium Waters, Inc.
PWI acquires Naturally Pure Waters (Kenosha, WI) and Beer Capital Distributing water operations (Milwaukee, WI).


Premium Waters, Inc.
PWI purchases the Glacier Clear™ Company, adding four more plants to its operation.


Premium Waters, Inc.
PWI purchases the Stonepoint Group Ltd, a Canadian publicly-traded company.


Premium Waters, Inc.
PWI begins blow molding operations, reducing its environmental footprint.


Premium Waters, Inc.
PWI builds a new home office and warehouse in Minneapolis. PWI also acquires the Glenwood Inglewood Company.


Premium Waters, Inc.
PWI builds a plant operation in Riverside, MO.


Premium Waters, Inc.
PWI purchases the Nicolet™ Natural Artesian Water Company.


Premium Waters, Inc.
PWI builds a new production facility in Las Vegas, NV. Makes continued enhancements for flavored and water beverages. Introduces Water Joe™.


Premium Waters, Inc.
PWI builds a new production facility in Jackson, MS.


Premium Waters, Inc.
PWI acquires three bottling facilities from Ice River Springs, USA: Allentown, PA; Kentland, IN, and Pittsfield, MA.

How Innovation and Sustainability Are In Everything That We Do

Innovation has been an important element of the service we provide to our customers. We’ve combined branded- and private-label services, in addition to producing economical multi-gallon bottles to reach more customers with our offerings. Cost reduction and competitive pricing are ways that we keep our products and services going strong in the marketplace.

From a sustainability perspective, we attempt to utilize the least amount of plastic possible when delivering safe, convenient, and quality water to your door. We advocate for cross-industry packaging solutions through membership in the Sustainable Packaging Coalition®, and for years, we have been committed to actively developing and integrating sustainable business practices. From incorporating recycled plastic in our bottles to minimizing waste to landfills to going paperless for internal operations and using clean, renewable solar energy, we intend to expand upon these initiatives heading into the future.

At Premium Waters, we are passionate advocates of recycling best practices. We are proud to be a member of How2Recycle, a standardized labeling system that clearly communicates recycling instructions to the public. It involves a coalition of forward-thinking brands who want their packaging to be recycled and are empowering consumers through smart packaging labels.”

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