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Premium Waters is proud to offer specialty coffee brewers from Flavia®, de Jong DUKE, and Keurig®. Now the whole office can enjoy gourmet, café-style drinks to fuel their day.

Whether you prefer single-serve pack or bean-to-cup beverages, we have unique high-capacity brewing systems available with flexible water source options. The Flavia system brews directly into their “Fresh Pack” to cup, which maximizes flavor, while the de Jong DUKE brewing systems offer delightful bean-to-cup beverages with a user-friendly interface, and the Keurig bean-to-cup system creates specialty beverages using innovative reverse french-press technology. Brew a delicious hot beverage in seconds!

Flavia Bean to Cup Creation 400

Flavia® Creation 400 Brewing System

  • Sleek, stylish design
  • Numerous varieties of “Fresh Packs” to make gourmet coffee drinks and tea
  • Less hassle, no cleaning between drinks
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Control and delivery system maximize flavor, aroma, and body of beverages
Dejong Bean to Cup ZIA

de Jong DUKE Zia

  • Modern, user-friendly touchscreen
  • Wide variety of gourmet bean-to-cup coffee drinks
  • Large capacity
  • The “ConnectMe” option functions as an office communication platform
Dejong Bean to Cup NIO

de Jong DUKE Nio

  • Award-winning design
  • Modern, user-friendly touchscreen
  • Large capacity for 150+ drinks
  • Wide variety of gourmet bean-to-cup coffee drinks
  • Modular setup for enhanced customization
  • The “ConnectMe” option functions as an office communication platform
Dejong Bean to Cup VAREA

de Jong DUKE Varea

  • Innovative, compact design
  • Intuitive touch screen
  • Wide variety of gourmet bean-to-cup coffee drinks
  • Separate water outlet
  • The “ConnectMe” option functions as an office communication platform
Keurig Bean to Cup

Keurig® Collection Eccellenza Touch™ Bean-to-Cup Machine

  • Three brewing strengths and cup sizes (8 oz.–12 oz.)
  • Brew exceptional bean-to-cup beverages at the touch of a high-resolution screen
  • Features innovative reverse french-press technology
  • Hoppers included for whole beans, as well as milk, french vanilla, and chocolate powders
  • Less waste with no paper filter and coffee is compostable

Your specialty coffee brewer service plan includes the rental fee and free maintenance of the machine.

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