Staying Hydrated While Sick: Why It Matters

staying hydrated while sick

Winter is here! Do you know what that means? It’s the ideal time of year to have a snowball fight, go sledding, participate in outdoor sports…and stay at home if you’re sick. Maintaining proper hydration levels is essential to do every day but especially when you’re feeling under the weather. It will make a world of difference and help to expedite your recovery. Keep reading to learn about why staying hydrated while sick is so important.

Feel Better by Staying Hydrated While Sick

Multiple symptoms cause significant fluid loss when you’re sick. Even with a simple fever, your body can draw water and electrolytes out as sweat. Vomiting and diarrhea can cause even more water loss at a faster rate. Combine any of these unfortunate events, and you’re extra dehydrated and may even have to take a trip to the hospital. Nobody wants to do that.

Avoid sugary beverages that can further dehydrate you. Your best options for staying hydrated while sick are to drink lots of water (with or without added electrolytes) or hot beverages like herbal tea or fruit-infused H2O. If you happen to have a Premium Waters bottled water cooler, you’ll always have hot and cold water on demand.

By increasing your fluid intake, you’ll tackle the hydration deficit, help your kidneys filter waste from your body, and loosen mucus to relieve congestion. Hot liquids can feel more soothing on the throat and may help with congestion as well. Moving forward, drinking more water on a regular basis can prevent future diseases and an array of health conditions.

Kick-start your recovery by being proactive when it comes to staying hydrated while sick. Of course, water isn’t the magical cure for a bad virus, but it can help your body heal and get you feeling like yourself again.