What Makes Us the Best Home Water Delivery Company: The PWI Advantage

best home water delivery PWI

With all the different options that homeowners have nowadays regarding water delivery services, how do you choose? At the least, you want the ordering process to be quick and easy. The water should be clean, crisp, and refreshing. Having options regarding the types of water you can choose and how you access the water is ideal, whether it’s a case of individual bottles or a water cooler with access to instant hot or cold water. The home delivery process should be convenient and stress-free. With nearly 30 years in business and roots in the industry that go back centuries, Premium Waters, Inc. is proud to offer all of the above. Keep reading to discover the PWI Advantage, the reasons that make us the best home water delivery company in the Midwest.

Choose the Best Home Water Delivery Service: Three Reasons Why

1. Streamlined Online Account Access

Easily manage your delivery calendar, pay your bill, place new orders, etc. within minutes. We deliver on a flexible two-, four-, or eight-week basis, whichever works best for you. Access your account on the couch, in bed, or wherever you are. A few taps later, and you’ll be all set.

2. Fast, Friendly, and Dependable Service

Our professional personnel make scheduled deliveries convenient and effortless. You can have your delivery arrive straight to your door without communicating face-to-face with the driver, adding an extra layer of safety into your daily routine. By minimizing human contact and staying at home, our contact-free delivery service makes social distancing a breeze.

3. Extensive Array of Water and Equipment to Choose From

Choose from drinking, spring, fluoridated, and distilled water in 3-to-5-gallon jugs, single gallons, individual bottles in various sizes, and more. Our popular brands of water include Chippewa Spring Water, Glenwood-Inglewood, Nicolet, Kandiyohi, Nature’s Crystal, Water Joe, and Mountain Valley. Our various economical and efficient water coolers chill water for a refreshing, healthy drink or heat it up for instant coffee, teas, cocoa, and meals. In addition, we offer an assortment of brand-name coffee and softener salt options for home delivery.

The Easy PWI Ordering Process

Water Quality

1. Contact Us

Call 800-332-3332 or send us a message, and we’ll be happy to assist you with setting up an account number and placing your first order.

2. Create an Online Account

Visit our website to register your account online.

3. Get Your Delivery

Just like that, you’ll have clean, crisp water available when you need it.

Say goodbye to the days of going to the store and hauling bulky packs or gallons of water to and from your car. Get refreshment delivered right to your door from the best home water delivery provider and never run out of a safe, consistent, and reliable source of water. We offer convenient bottled water delivery in Minnesota and Wisconsin, as well as the Fargo and Grand Forks areas in North Dakota. Want to try out our water delivery service first? Fill out this simple form to receive a FREE one-month trial including three 5-gallon bottles, a water cooler, and delivery service to your home. We’re happy to do the heavy lifting so that you can enjoy more of this journey called life.