5 Summer Hydration Tips for Kids That Actually Work

hydration tips for kids

Bring on the sunshine! Summer is the perfect season for outdoor grilling, long walks, and other fun activities with the whole family. For kids, summer usually means play, more play, and then an extra five minutes of play. Due to smaller fluid reserves, kids are more likely to become dehydrated, especially during months of hot, humid weather. If you’re a parent who struggles to get your children to drink enough water, you’re definitely not alone. Don’t fret, check out these five handy hydration tips for kids that will keep your little loved ones ready for all that summer has to offer.

Ramp Up Water Intake with These Hydration Tips for Kids


Make It Convenient

If you make water more visible and accessible, your kids are more likely to drink it if they see it. You can place a pitcher of water outside while they’re playing, bring along a water bottle wherever you go, serve water with meals/snacks, and set a glass of water next to their bed for easy access. Remember, being thirsty may indicate that your child is already dehydrated, so you can take steps to prevent that before it happens.

Infuse Flavor into Your H2O

Here’s an opportunity to transform water with your kids’ favorite fruits. The possibilities are endless. Drop sliced lemons, oranges, strawberries, and other delicious additions in water to create a fresh approach to staying hydrated. Now you have another alternative to sweet beverages without any added sugar. That’s what we call a parenting win!

Have Fun with Water Bottles

Do your kids have a favorite superhero character? Or a favorite animal? There are several fun designs available on reusable water bottles that can help make drinking H2O enjoyable every time they go to take another sip. Take these bottles with you to sporting events, on a walk, and every time you get into the car. If your kids are participating in an outdoor tournament or game in the heat, it’s essential to keep water on hand for regular hydration breaks.

Keep It Cold

It’s no secret that kids love ice. Providing chilled water can make your children more inclined to drink it, especially on a hot summer day. As a fun twist, you could freeze the water in fun molds to produce ice stars, hearts, and more. For younger kids, you can take this chance to teach them about shapes and the different states of water. It’s a sneaky way to beat the heat and keep them continuously learning.

Create Homemade Popsicles

Kids and adults alike enjoy these refreshing treats in the summertime. Why not make them yourself? Combine 100% pure fruit juice with a big splash of water, pour the liquid into a mold with sticks, and freeze it. You can even add some fruit into the mix for enhanced nutrition and pops of flavor. Ditch the fluorescent-colored and sugar-added popsicles at the store once and for all.

Make proper hydration a family-focused effort. These hydration tips for kids also apply to adults. After all, children do love to copy the things their parents do. On behalf of everyone at Premium Waters, have a healthy and hydrated summer!