Why Custom-Labeled Bottled Water is Beneficial for Your Business

a bottle of water

Looking for ways to make your company stand out from the competition? Offering something as simple as custom-labeled bottled water to your customers can be incredibly impactful for various businesses, from hotels and restaurants to golf courses and car dealerships. It can help enhance brand awareness and promote professionalism. Offering custom-labeled bottled water with your logo effectively establishes and strengthens the bond between a customer and your company.

Top 3 Advantages of Custom-Labeled Bottled Water


1. Innovative & Affordable Marketing Tool for Brand Awareness

Custom-labeled bottled water can serve as an innovative yet affordable marketing tool. With water being essential for everyone, this type of branding won’t come across as a blatant marketing strategy. While people hydrate, your company’s name/logo will be highlighted on the bottle, giving you a unique competitive edge. Branding is one of the most important aspects of any business. Advertising doesn’t have to be a costly or lengthy process. Having custom-labeled bottled water on hand is a cost-effective initiative that’s easy to do.

2. Can Be More Effective than Business Cards

Handing out personalized bottled water can also act like a business card. Instead of leaving a traditional business card with a potential customer, consider how effective bottled water with your logo and contact information could be. More and more people are utilizing this tool to get their message across. Getting creative to grow your business is important no matter what industry you’re in.

3. Taking Care of Customers & Promoting Hydration

Providing your customers with a bottle of clean, refreshing water as a courtesy shows that you care about their health and well-being. Water is a precious resource, so offering custom-labeled bottled water to drink is an effort that won’t go unnoticed and will leave a lasting impression. If you operate a gym or healthcare center, you can use unique labels to encourage customers to drink more water to promote optimal health.

If you want to incorporate custom-labeled bottled water into your business, Premium Waters has you covered. Go ahead and compare our prices to your current national brand. We pride ourselves on offering high-quality spring water in 10 oz. and 20 oz. bottle sizes at a competitive cost. We even have a talented graphic designer on staff who will listen to your specific needs to create a label tailored just for you. Connect with us today to get started!