The Benefits of Home Water Delivery

home water delivery

So let’s set the scene:

You’re at a big box retailer and you’re filling your cart with 24-packs of bottled water. Dang, these are heavy aren’t they? It’s too bad the tap water started tasting funny a few years back. Is four 24-packs enough? Oh, wait, junior wanted his own 24-pack because it’s his turn to share with the team at soccer practice. Are these getting heavier and heavier? Wow this cart is heavy, oh well, it probably doesn’t matter, because nothing else will fit in here anyway.

Okay, that was semi-miserable, but we’re out to the car now. More heavy lifting getting all of this bottled water into the car. Now you’re sweating. Whoops, one of the bottles slipped out of the cardboard and is rolling away! Ugh.

We’re home now. It’s time to get all that water to wherever you store it. All. The. Heavy. Lifting. There has to be an easier way!

There is! Premium Waters will deliver all the water you want directly to your doorstep. No more stressing out when you see the 24-packs in your garage are down to just three bottles. No more lugging heavy 24-packs into your cart, out to your car and then into your home. No more making room in the garage to store your extra packs of water.

Home water delivery from Premium Waters is sure to make your life easier and more stress free.

Set up a delivery schedule with us and you’ll be thrilled to have “drinking water” scratched off of your “things to do” life. Whether you prefer bottled water or water jugs, Premium Waters will deliver your water straight to your home and make your life so much easier.

Premium Waters can provide your home with a safe, consistent, reliable source of drinking water. Whether it’s individual bottled water brands, a water cooler or a water filtration system, Premium Waters has the right option for your home and lifestyle.

Premium Waters provides water that’s consistent in quality and taste, and fits nicely into your agenda. Check out our various water options, and you’ll see how easily Premium Waters can add to a healthy lifestyle for your whole family.


Check out all our Premium Waters products. Then sign up for convenient home water delivery so you always have healthful, clean water for you, your family and your guests.