How to Get Kids to Drink Water at School

How to Get Kids to Drink Water

New school year, new hydration goals! Kids that drink enough water can improve their mood, memory, and attention. Due to smaller fluid reserves, children are more likely to become dehydrated, which can present challenges. If you’re a parent who struggles with how to get kids to drink water at school, you’re definitely not alone. Don’t fret, check out these three handy hydration tips that will keep your little loved ones ready for all the academic year has to offer.

How to Get Kids to Drink Water: 3 Easy Tips

1. Pack Smaller-Sized Water Bottles

Smaller water bottles are much easier for kids to hold and drink from. Packing a 10 oz bottle of water in their lunch bag instead of larger 20 oz or liter bottles is a convenient way to keep your children happy and hydrated. Give them a friendly reminder to toss the bottle into the recycling bin when they’re finished.

2. Have Fun with Reusable Bottles

Do your kids have a favorite superhero character? Or a favorite animal? There are several fun designs available on reusable water bottles that can help make drinking H2O enjoyable every time they go to take another sip during class. If you have a water cooler on hand, filling up their bottles with clean, refreshing water will be a breeze.

3. Teach and Reward

Children can quickly learn and absorb knowledge like a sponge. Be a role model and drink water regularly in front of them and/or have a talk about sipping more H2O when the color of their urine is dark. On top of that, reward your kids when they drink enough water at school. Keep a reward chart handy with stickers for every bottle they finish. After reaching a certain number of stickers, their prize could be a new book, their favorite meal, or a special outing of their choice.

To stay well hydrated, children ages 1–3 need approximately 4 cups of water per day. The amounts of water increase for older kids who need around 5 cups for ages 4–8 and 7–8 cups for ages 8+. Now that you have these easy tips in mind for how to get kids to drink water at school, try them for yourself and see the difference it makes in your children’s health and well-being!