Water Softener Salt

Water Softener Salt

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Tired of Running Out of Water Softener Salt?

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Hey, we get it; water softener salt usually isn’t at the top of anyone’s grocery list! And those 40-pound bags don’t just jump into your cart do they? With Premium Waters’ water softener delivery service, your days of getting home from running errands only to realize you forgot water softener salt again are over! Premium Waters offers water softener salt in crystals and pellets in a variety of bag sizes with competitive pricing delivered right to your door. Put an end to your days of lugging around heavy bags of salt and let Premium Waters do the heavy lifting!


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A Healthier, Happier Lifestyle

Your family deserves the best water possible. We all want softer skin and cleaner, smoother hair and clothes, but hard water makes soap and shampoo less effective and can turn your skin dry and scratchy. It is known to clog pipes, complicate soap and detergent dissolving in water, and leave behind water spots. Water softened by salt not only makes you look and feel better, but also leads to softer clothes and cleaner glassware, mirrors and tiles. Your loved ones will look and feel healthier with water softened by salt. Preserve the life of all your water appliances such as coffee machines, ice makers, dishwashers, water heaters and laundry equipment.

Diamond Crystal® Iron Fighter® Salt Pellets

Iron Fighter Water Softener Salt Pellets are specifically formulated for water with high iron content. Helps to prevent rust stains on laundry, fixtures, sinks, and tubs. Virtually 100% water-soluble.

Diamond Crystal® Bright & Soft® Salt Pellets

Premium-purity water softener salt. Helps to extend the life of appliances, pipes, and fixtures. Keeps laundry and hair soft and bright. Virtually 100% water-soluble.

Pro’s Pick® Solar Salt Crystals

High-purity salt evaporated naturally by the sun and wind. Minimizes accumulation of brine tank residue.



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