the bottle-less water solution

Premium Waters filtration is a great alternative for supplying large quantities of filtered water without worrying about keeping bottles in stock. This waste-free, eco-friendly filtration system provides pure, great-tasting water for all your needs.

Onsite water filtration provides you and your employees the healthiest, most economical solution for clean water where you need it. Our filtration solutions offer a bottled water experience from your own local water source.



Carbon Filtration

This process reduces contaminants in your local water supply, resulting in a healthier, more productive lifestyle.


Reverse Osmosis (RO) Filtration

RO is a higher quality filtration process that removes more contaminants than a standard carbon filtration system, using four stages of intense purification.



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Filtration vs. Water Coolers

Maybe you’re wondering what’s right for you. It depends on your needs. Filtration systems connect to your own water supply. They filter the water to remove harmful contaminants, leaving a fresh, clean taste.

Water cooler systems require bottle change-out, but are more flexible with regards to positioning of the unit. With water cooler systems, you get convenient bottle delivery to your door, along with machine maintenance.

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