Top 3 Benefits of Water Softener Salt Delivery

pwi softener salt

Brr! Temperatures are dropping, which means that dry skin season is on the horizon. One great way to combat this common issue is to treat your home’s hard H2O with softener salt. Washing yourself with soft water makes a world of difference when it comes to your skin holding more moisture and not being stripped of natural oils. If you’re tired of running out of softener salt or lugging those large bags around in the cold months, Premium Waters has you covered with our water softener salt delivery service.

Why You Need Water Softener Salt Delivery

Ultimate Convenience

Running errands is a pain. Especially when you have to navigate through a packed store. No thanks! Save valuable time and energy for other productive tasks. Never again worry about running out of water softener salt to maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle on a busy schedule.

Choose from a Variety of Salt Options

Not all softener salt is made equally. We are pleased to offer leading brands of pellets or crystals with competitive pricing. Choose between the Diamond Crystal® Iron Fighter® Salt Pellets that help to prevent rust stains, the Diamond Crystal® Bright & Soft® Salt Pellets that help to extend the life of your appliances and pipes, or the Pro’s Pick® Solar Salt Crystals that help to minimize brine tank residue. Please note the brands offered may vary by market.

Easy Online Account Access

Many of us love online shopping. You can do it on your couch, in bed, or wherever you are. On top of the convenience of getting softener salt delivered right to your doorstep, you can easily manage your delivery calendar, place new orders, etc. in minutes by logging into your online user account. Oh, sweet technology.

Say goodbye to the days of going to the store and hauling bulky bags of salt to and from your car. With softener salt delivery by Premium Waters, we do the heavy lifting so that you can enjoy more of this journey called life!