Does Drinking Water Help With Anxiety?

Having Anxiety? Drink Water.

How Does Drinking Water Help With Anxiety: A Breakdown

Based on an extensive study conducted with 3,000 adults, drinking plain water is associated with decreased risk of depression and anxiety.

To break things down further, nearly every bodily function relies on water. Research studies have linked dehydration to anxiety and depression because mental health is mainly driven by your brain’s activity. Since 75% of brain tissue is water, dehydration can reduce brain energy production and change brain structure. This can cause the brain to slow down and not function properly. It’s best practice to view water as a nutrient your brain needs. 

Our bodies recognize the state of dehydration as a threat to survival, which ultimately can lead to a state of anxiety. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter, a chemical messenger between brain cells that stabilizes our mood and regulates emotions. When facing dehydration, we may struggle to get the chemicals required to produce serotonin into our brains. Being dehydrated may also increase the stress hormone cortisol, which has been associated with a range of mental disorders, including anxiety.  

Panic attacks can also be linked to high anxiety caused by dehydration. Panic attacks usually have physical triggers, and one of those triggers can be dehydration. If you’re prone to these attacks and become dehydrated, you may begin to panic and experience extreme anxiety. While staying properly hydrated may not completely stop panic attacks, they may become less frequent, or some triggers may be reduced over time.

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