1700 - Chippewa®

Chippewa Springs in Chippewa Falls, WI is first discovered.

1798 - Chesterman Co.

Unsweetened carbonated water is first bottled in Europe; the idea quickly spreads to the United States.

1835 - Chesterman Co.

Soda water is first bottled in the United States and sold as medicine (syrup was added for flavor).

1870 - Chesterman Co.

Cilo Chesterman lends his brother-in-law $400 to start a bottling company (more than a century later, Premium Waters, Inc. would be incorporated by Chesterman Company, a pioneer in the U.S. bottling industry).

1900 - Glenwood

1930 - Chippewa®

1930 - Glenwood

1940 - Chippewa®

1950 - Chippewa®

1980 - Chippewa®

1980 - Chippewa®

1994 - Kandiyohi

Chesterman Company re-enters the bottled water business by purchasing Kandiyohi Bottled Water Company a distiller of purified bottled water, and adopts the name Premium Waters, Inc.

1997 - Chippewa®

Premium Waters, Inc. purchases Chippewa Springs, a company that has been bottling the highest quality spring water in the upper Midwest since the 1880's.

1998 - Premium Waters Inc.

Premium Waters, Inc. acquires Artesian Water (Racine, WI), Nature's Purest (New Berlin, WI), and Lindsay Water Company (Madison, WI)

1999 - Premium Waters Inc.

Premium Waters, Inc. purchases All Star Bottling of Kansas City, KS

2000 - Premium Waters Inc.

Premium Waters, Inc. purchases Mirage Distribution (Neenah, WI)

2001 - Premium Waters Inc.

Premium Waters, Inc. acquires Naturally Pure Waters (Kenosha, WI) and Beer Capital Distributing water operations (Milwaukee, WI)

2002 - Glacier Clear

Premium Waters, Inc. acquires Glacier Clear in Kansas City, MO and 4 bottling plants in Fort Worth, TX.; Greeneville, TN.; Orange Springs, FL.; and Quincy, IL.; Chippewa Falls and Kansas City plants establish shrink wrap and registered film capabilities.

2011 - Glenwood

Premium Waters, Inc purchases the Glenwood Inglewood Company of Minneapolis MN Oct 1st 2011. Glenwood Inglewood has been around since the late 1800’s. A great standing company with the same quality of products and services that we delivery today.

2015 - Nicolet

Premium Waters, Inc purchases certain assets of Artesian Investments, Inc. Dundee, Illinois which is the parent company of the Nicolet Natural Water company with plant operations in Mountain, WI. Nicolet has enjoyed a 25 year history as "...the official water of the Green Bay Packers..." football team.