1-Month Free Water Service

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How it works:

1. Enter your information in the form below.

2. A representative for Premium Waters will contact you within 5 business days to arrange delivery and explain how our 5-gallon Home & Office delivery works!

3. Upon delivery, you will receive three free 5-gallon bottles of water and a free water cooler for the month. (Offer valid for both home or business)

4. Near the end of your month, a representative will follow up and determine if you wish to continue.

5. If you like it, Premium Waters will provide a delivery calendar for your area and keep delivering. If not, request a pick up and Premium Waters pick up your equipment the next time we are in your service area.

* $6/bottle refundable bottle deposit required. Any unreturned bottles will be billed to your account.
* Any coolers not returned, will be billed out for the value of the cooler.
* Entrants responsible for any additional water purchased from Premium Waters, Inc.

For information, call (800) 332-3332.


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Eligibility: Must be 18 years of age or older and live within our Premium Waters Home & Office delivery area. See link for delivery area- http://premiumwaters.com/delivery-options/ Offer valid to new customers only.
Offer: Fill out the form and you will receive 3-5gal bottles of water and a water cooler for one month for your home or office. Entrants responsible for bottle deposits on any un-returned 5-gallon bottles-$6.00/bottle. Excludes current customers of Premium Waters, Inc.