Custom Labeled Bottled Water

make a lasting impression

Would you like to see your brand on a bottle of clean, great-tasting water? Your excellent reputation will be tied to something healthy, and it's a great way to promote an event! These personalized single-serving bottles are perfect for schools, hotels, weddings, graduations, church events, and more!


How to order Custom H20

Start by requesting a quote for your custom H20 project. After you receive your quote, download the business application.

Submit Business Application

We need to set your account up in our system. Please submit this application to provide us the correct information for your account. Download Application.

Submit Artwork

Submit your art to our graphics department (see Artwork Specs). Emailing your digital artwork is a fast and easy way to accelerate the label design process and get your order on its way. Download Artwork Specifications.

Choose Bottle Size

Custom H2O offers a wide variety of bottle sizes, as you may have noticed on our website. This provides a great canvas for your featured custom label. Select from 10 oz., 16.9 oz. (.5 liter), 20 oz., or 1 liter bottles.

We deliver your branded water

Choose whether to retrieve your bottles or have them shipped to you.

No digital artwork? No problem! Send us your camera-ready artwork and we'll take it from there.

No camera-ready artwork? Get ready to acquire a new image! Our graphic artists will work with you to design a one-of-a-kind label.

Premium Waters, Inc. has in-house graphic designers who will walk you through the design process. We are adamant that our labels comply with FDA regulations, which require that your label artwork state the source of the water, where the water was bottled, the unit measures, and contact information for the end-user. Once you have approved your artwork, our average turnaround time is about three to four weeks. For an additional fee, orders can be rushed to reduce the time to approximately two weeks.